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Thank you for your interest in owning a Posh Tomato franchise. Here are some common franchise questions and answers. Please contact our Franchise Development Department with any additional questions.

  • How long does it take for an application to be approved?
    The application process usually takes 2-4 weeks. However, applications accompanied by a location address and site plan may be expedited. The location must be a prime location, approved for a gourmet pizza business by the landlord or property management company.

  • What is the recommended location size?
    650 – 1,200 square feet, depending on the type of retail concept
    (food court, in-line store, street retail, etc).

  • What are the average costs for owning a Posh Tomato franchise?
    The basic average franchise costs are:
    1. Franchise fee $35,000.00
    2. Buildout cost $168,800 to $296,500 (actual costs depend on site size, location, and condition)
    3. royalty fee 5.5% gross sales monthly
    4. marketing fee 3% gross sales monthly

  • Do you franchise internationally?
    Yes, we are open to expanding into new countries and markets. Please fill in the Franchise form to ask about your preferred single franchise location, regional multi-unit market area or master franchisee country opportunity.

  • Do I need experience in the pizza industry?
    No. Success in our business requires management and people development skills. Posh Tomato is built by providing a distinctive level of service and focus toward our customers. You must have a genuine liking for people and the sincerity to keep your regular customers and win new ones.

  • What qualifications must I have to be a Posh Tomato franchisee?
    1. Good character
    2. Good credit
    3. The required amount of capital
    4. The desire to serve customers
    5. The attitude that your customers are part of your extended family
    6. “People” skills
    7. A deep desire to succeed by being part of the Posh Tomato family

  • How long will it take to open a store?
    Once a location is secured and the construction permit has been issued, construction usually takes 8-12 weeks but may vary by depending on location build requirements and store size.

  • Do you provide training?
    Posh Tomato is committed to providing intensive classroom and hands on training to our franchisees and their managers. This is done at the Posh Tomato head office. Franchisee training, which will take 14 days, will include but not be limited to, aspects of store management; all aspects of product preparation and serving; merchandising; local advertising and promotion; public relations; administration of bonus or reward points program; all staffing and human resource issues; the point of sale system; franchisee accounting and reporting.

  • Who pays for this training?
    Training and all course material is provided to you as part of your Posh Tomato franchise. You will need to budget for travel and accommodation during the time you are attending the training, if applicable.

  • How will you help market and promote my store?
    The most important and effective way to promote your store is by “word of mouth”. That is what Posh Tomato is all about – treating the customers well, ensures they return and encourage others as well. Our bonus/reward points program reinforces this message that our customers are the most important aspect of our business. With respect to advertising, we know the types of advertising copy that works and the type of media to place it in. We are also skilled at finding ways to help you promote and publicize your location.

  • Can I transfer or sell my franchise?
    Yes. You own your franchise business and can sell or transfer it. We have the first right of refusal to buy it from you and if we waive that right, we need to approve the purchaser to ensure that they will operate the franchise at least as well as you did.

  • Are there standard operating procedures in place? How do I maintain quality control?
    Consistency in product offering, store design and customer service are essential to the success of all franchisees. All franchisees receive the same training and the same set of operating manuals. Our Area Managers are responsible for working with you to ensure consistency and to help you become more profitable. In order to maintain product consistency, certain products must come from approved distribution sources.

  • Is a Posh Tomato franchise a sure thing?
    Nothing in life is guaranteed except for death and taxes. This applies to everything in life. It is your personal effort and commitment, together with our momentum, support and expertise, which will maximize your chances of being successful and having fun.

  • Where do I get all my supplies, products and equipment?
    Most items are purchased from designated vendors, at the best pricing available for the volumes that the entire franchised network is doing with that vendor.

  • How much money can I make as a Posh Tomato franchisee?
    We can’t tell you how much money you will make. It depends on a lot of things. We can however tell you precisely how you can make money as a Posh Tomato franchisee.


If you believe that you have the financial capacity and business experience needed to invest in a Posh Tomato franchise, just follow the steps below.

1. apply

We need to know a little bit about you please fill out the questionnaire under the apply button.

2. submit a business plan

Once we have received and reviewed your questionnaire, we will contact you directly and provide you with the information you need to proceed further (disclosure documentation, if applicable) and prepare a business plan. We have some basic information that will help you.

3. meet with us

In the development of the business plan, it is likely that we will have already met with you in your market. We recommend that you visit our corporate headquarters in Brooklyn, New York so that you can better understand Posh Tomato and how we like to work with our franchise partners.

4. franchise review board approval process

Your request to be a Posh Tomato franchisee must be presented before our Franchise Review Board
for approval.

5. Sign a Franchise Agreement:

Once our Franchise Review Board has approved your application, we will work with you to understand and sign the Franchise  Agreement.


franchise requirements

Requirements to become a Posh Tomato franchise owner will vary based on which development option you choose, but there are some requirements that all franchisees must have:

  • a passion for the Posh Tomato brand and product
  • a desire to operate a customer-focused and fun business where people come to enjoy a memorable pizza experience.
  • attention to detail and respect for standards
  • strong people and leadership skills
  • out-going, friendly and energetic
  • willing to work hard to succeed





single unit store owner

  • $100,000 liquid assets
  • $200,000 net worth

multi-unit owner

  • $200,000 liquid assets
  • $400,000 net worth
  • Restaurant/food service ownership experience preferred but not required


We have in-depth experience as an operator, franchisee and franchisor. We know what it takes to help franchisees successfully start their businesses. We have the right people and proven systems to support the business needs of a Posh Tomato franchisee.

key Posh Tomato franchisees support:

Food Research & Development: We provide franchisees with recipes and instructions for all Posh Tomato menu items while continuously developing ingredients and innovative new products.

Food Quality Assurance: We identify, develop and approve suppliers for all ingredients. We also ensure that ingredients meet our high quality standards by auditing suppliers and conducting in-store compliance checks.

Operating Practices: We provide continuously updated Posh Tomato operation manuals that explain standard operating procedures that reflect the latest equipment, menu items, technologies, safety and health standards, etc. We also implement Quality, Service and Cleanliness (QSC) and Mystery Customer audit processes.

Real Estate: The right location can make all the difference. Our expert real estate and construction teams can assist you with site selection, lease negotiations, and help guide you through the
construction process.

Operations: Our operation teams provide on-site assistance as needed both before and after franchisees open their first Posh Tomato outlets. Décor and Design: We provide regularly updated restaurant décor and design guidelines that meet Posh Tomato system standards. We also approve suppliers of equipment, fixtures, fittings, uniforms, menus, utensils and signage, etc.

Training: We provide staff with training on all aspects of Posh Tomato operation, including shop management, staff training, cost control, purchasing, store layout, product preparation, internal ordering, etc.

Marketing: Our experienced marketers work with franchisees to develop marketing plans with detailed strategies for promoting Posh Tomato during initial launch and in the years that follow. We advise and consult with franchisees regularly on marketing. All advertising and promotional materials are available to all franchisees.

Financial reporting: We advise franchisees on the communications systems, software programs and services needed to operate multiple Posh Tomato locations. We advise on daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly financial reporting systems and formats.